Monday, July 30, 2012

B is for Baby... Another Baby Shower Theme Gift

My dear friend Amy, who I've known since elementary school, had her baby shower a few days after Christmas. I absolutely love her and her family, but they are all crazy. Well...not really crazy, but you know what I mean. I don't get to see her enough though, since she lives in London.

Amy's mom is all about themes so she gave me the backdrop for my baby shower gift. The theme was B is for Baby Baldwin. I decided that all my gifts would begin with the letter B. I love me a good baby shower theme gift.

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B is for Burp. I make my own burp cloths and wanted to share a few sets with her for all the spit ups. 

B is for Bite. I bought some teethers for when the baby starts cutting teeth. 

B is for Book. This book, although many might find inappropriate, is hilarious and is definately for parents and not for kinds. I love it and I thought Amy and Steve would get a kick out it. 

B is for Baby. Since Amy and Steve didn't find out what they were having, I had to shop neutral. That is much harder than one would expect. I found these cute onesies with ducks!

All the tags for each gift coordinated with the card. I used Fox and Friends, one of my all time favs, to create a baby neutral card.

Amy and Steve welcomed a baby boy, Tristin, to the world in April. I'm looking forward to meeting him. 

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